Taconic Car Accident Tragedy Could Have Been Avoided with Technology

26489078781Mumbling into the microphone is the best that she can do to save her five children and herself- little does she know that it’s too late. The dizziness weighs her head down- she is barely able to prop her ear against the phone. Within a matter of seconds it is all over; the damage is incomprehensible, and irreparable.

These are only speculative snapshots of the last moments in the car of Diane Schuler. There is no way of knowing exactly what happened in those last moments. What we do know is this: she was driving on the wrong wide of the Taconic Highway and within seconds crashed into an innocent, unsuspecting driver, taking the lives of the people in both cars. The aftermath of the tragic story is a turbulent ocean of emotions and there is a tall wave, about to come crashing down, asking how it could be been prevented.

One of the most promising ways to avoid another situation like Diane Schuler’s is using GPS tracking systems. Multiple people called 911 to report a car driving the wrong way on the highway, but by the time the police were able to track down the rogue car it was too late; it had already met its victim. Police couldn’t track Schuler’s phone, not because she didn’t have a GPS tracker, but because her phone wasn’t in the car with her anymore- it was later found on the Tappan Zee bridge. Police were able to estimate her location by tracking the cell phones of the people who called to notify the police about the car. Because they didn’t have access to the real time location of the Schuler’s car (which otherwise would have been provided had she had a GPS tracker in her car), they were not able to get to her in time to save her.

954197033To avoid situations like these it is always useful to have a GPS tracker in your car with you at all times. This is not just lifesaving if you become ill and disoriented (as in this case), but also if you become lost, are abducted, or if your car is stolen. Useful trackers include the Spark-Nano, which is the world’s smallest GPS tracker. It will have zero hindrance on your lifestyle, but could prove lifesaving in dire situations. (Via Newsday)

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