Duct Tape Robber Fail

“Duct Tape Bandit” Kasey Kazee barged in to Shamrock Liquors in Ashland, Kentucky with duct tape wrapped around his head to conceal his face. While proceeding with this preposterous crime Kazee was met by store manager Bill Steele who had some duct tape of his own. Steele grabbed a wooden club wrapped in duct tape and proceeded to chase the masked moron outside into the store’s parking lot.

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Steele tackled the masked robber and wrestled him to the ground. The tussle eventually ended with “Duct Tape Kazee” battered and in a headlock. When police arrived on the scene and eventually removed the duct tape they questioned Kazee.

Duct Tape Kazee Unmasked

Duct Tape Kazee Unmasked

Kazee responded to police questioning and looked straight at the camera and said, “Do I look like the duct tape bandit to you?”

Store patrons also remarked on Kazee odd appearance when they noticed he had his shirt pulled over his head. They said it was reminiscent of the “cornholio” character of “Beavis & Butthead” fame. Kazee did manage to get his sticky fingers on a two rolls of coins from the liquor store.

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