Wired Editors Pick BrickHouse GPS Tracking Devices

In search of perfect tracking solutions for the do-it-yourself private investigators and undercover spies, Wired magazine researched the best gadgets available to the public. And what they found was what we knew all along: BrickHouse Security’s tracking equipment came out on top as the leader of the GPS tracking community.

The Wired article features our top-selling GPS tracking product, the Spark Nano (which has recently been upgraded to v2.0), the iTrail GPS Data Logger, which offers users the reliability and accuracy of the GPS tracker without the monthly fees, and also the Livewire FastTrac unit, which is a more feature-rich and heavy-duty version of the Spark Nano GPS tracker.

And what kind of article would this be if it also didn’t include a way to find out if you’re already being tracked by a GPS unit? To this end, Wired featured the BrickHouse Security Cell Phone & GPS Detector. This small gadget lets users find out if they’re being tracked by a hidden GPS unit, or if there’s a hidden bugging device transmitting every word through a cell phone frequency.

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  • Didn’t know there are so many GPS detectors in the market.