El Naño: Telemundo Showcases BrickHouse’s Most Popular GPS Tracker

We always appreciate it when our products get some love from the non-English speaking part of the world. Recently, we were fortunate to be featured en Español on a well-known morning show.

telemundo blog postIn this “Tecno Mundo” (Tech World; nothing to do with techno music) segment from the “Un Nuevo Día” (A New Day; nothing to do with whatever translation joke we can think of. Maybe something about Nuvo sparkling liqueur?) the popular morning talk show on Telemundo, co-host Alessandra Villegas sits down with tech expert David Olivares to discuss emerging technologies. One of the devices in question was our very own Spark Nano GPS tracker, about which the pair said some very complimentary things. Watch the video and read the subtitles (enabled by clicking the “CC” button on the video player) if you don’t habla español.

About the author  ⁄ Erik Helin

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