Only EPA Approved Lead Test Kit to Avoid Penalties and Fees


The EPA is constantly creating new laws to protect and improve the quality of life in America. One of the most recent rulings was regarding lead, one of the nation’s older building materials that has been since proven to have serious health risks, especially in children.

As of April 22nd, 2010, under the EPA’s Lead Renovation Repair and Painting (RRP) rule, anyone involved in construction or renovations where a wall is being moved more than 6 feet out of its original place, must test for poisons. Those looking to avoid receiving any penalties associated with this new rule, can look to BrickHouse Security’s Lead Testing Kit, which is the only lead testing kit currently approved by the EPA.

This lead testing kit contains 12 self test swabs that can be used to test any surface or material.  The kit also happens to be one of the fastest lead testing kits around – it will provide you with results in just 30 seconds.

BrickHouse Security’s Lead Testing Kit offers an easy method for members of the construction industry to comply with the new RRP Rule. But even if you’re not involved in construction for a living, or doing any renovations, testing for poisonous lead is extremely important – especially if you have a child living in your home. This kit can also be used to instantly test toys, ceramics as well as household paints.

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