Erin Andrews Pictures Scandal: Protect Yourself From Prying Eyes

Everyday we hear about celebrities being caught in awkward and sometimes compromising situations. When nude photos of Erin Andrews surfaced on the Internet, millions of people suddenly questions how private their private moments really are. But what about non-celebrities? Are we at risk?

The truth is that everyday there’s a breaking news story about pictures taken in a dressing room, gym, or coffee shop with the use of a hidden camera. With spy cameras becoming smaller and more affordable, this readily available technology can fall into the wrong hands.  In public spaces, we really never know who was there before us or what type of device they may have planted.

Fight technology with technology!

Products previously only available to Law Enforcement and Private Investigators are now available to consumers worldwide. With a 10 second sweep of a room, anyone can find a hidden camera no matter how hidden it is.

Here’s how they work.

camerafinder2The Camera Finder Hidden Camera Detector: look through the lens and let the infrared laser illuminate any hidden camera lens. That means that even if a hidden camera is completely hidden deep within a clock radio or teddy bear, this device will find it. Small enough to fit in a purse or pocket, whip out this $89 device in locker rooms, dressing rooms, or coffee swireless-camera-hunterhops and find any hidden cameras.

The Wireless Camera Hunter: see what the cameras see! Scan through wireless frequencies and pick up a hidden camera’s wireless feed to view directly on the screen.

Other methods you can use to protect yourself include doing a visual sweep of the room, changing hotel rooms if you feel like someone is watching or following you, and inspecting any duplicate items in a room. If there are two smoke detectors in one room, could one of them be a hidden camera?

Don’t become the next Erin Andrews! Start protecting yourself today.

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