ESPN Anchor Video: Erin Andrews Hot Topic On The Scott & BR Radio Show


When sports radio personalities Scott Kaplan and Billy Ray Smith from XX1090 San Diego heard about the ESPN Anchor Erin Andrews video scandal, they immediately called upon Todd Morris, CEO & Security Expert of BrickHouse Security to sound off about the controversy.

erin-andrews-photo1“When celebrities show up in a hotel or dressing room or even at a hair salon there is always the risk that someone has been there before and planted a camera and might catch them in something.”

Erin Andrews had to find this out the hard way when an embarrassing peephole video of her surfaced on the Internet.

“Even catching a B list celebrity doing something embarrassing could generate a photo or video worth over $100,000 from one of the tabloids. For these paparazzi, they’re looking for their lottery ticket. They’re looking to generate some controversial content…controversy from a B level celebrity could turn them into an A level sensation.

Todd  goes on to explain that although we hear about celebrity scandals in the news, this is a problem that can effect anyone who enters a public space.

“We’ve had people who aren’t celebrities at all, contact us because they went into a Gap or Banana Republic dressing room and those dressing rooms are co-ed and you just don’t know who has been in there previously. Embarrassing video isn’t limited to just celebrities, and counter surveillance isn’t limited to just celebrities either.”hidden-camera-finder1

Todd recommends some simple measures anyone can take to protect your privacy and keep this from happening to you, including the $89 Spy Finder that fits in a purse and locates any hidden camera and is the size of a BIC lighter.

Listen to the interview here:

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