Even My 3-Year Old Nephew Can Guess Your Password.

How To Protect Your Identity Online

Some of my past passwords have included Fluffy (my dog’s name), Red (my favorite color), and if I’m feeling really tricky, my birthday.


I’ve got news for you people. Anyone can guess these passwords! Especially professional hackers that want to steal your identity, your money, and your life.

In 2007 in the US alone, 8.4 million people’s identities with a total of $49.3 million in damage. Can you afford to become part of the statistic?

For those of you who are like me (i.e. make your passwords your pets name… or worse your own middle name), let’s change our passwords… TODAY.

How to Make A Strong Password & Protect Your Identity

All right, it’s simple. A strong password is made of four parts: uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols.

Don’t worry. It’s not as complicated as you think.

Even if you have 28934758976 accounts online (banks, websites, social sites, dating sites, etc.) you can create a strong password that you will actually remember. Start with ONE strong foundation password. Let’s choose the word symbol, which translates to $y0m801 in password talk.

Once you have this one solid “foundation password” you can build on top of it for all your accounts so no two accounts share the same password.

For example:

Yahoo Mail =  $y0m801-Ym@il
Citi Bank =   $y0m801-Cb@nk
Mastercard = $y0m801-M@ster

As you can see, it’s easy to make a strong password that you can remember AND that will keep your accounts safe and protected.

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