Facebook – A Criminal’s Worst Enemy?

By now, most people know that posting sensitive information on the web is a bad idea, especially on social media sites. We guess the perps you’ll read about below didn’t get the memo.

Crime Ring Busted After Friending Cop on Facebook
Two things that don’t go well together: 1) bragging about the crimes you committed; and 2) adding people you don’t know on social networks. But that’s exactly what the members of a Brooklyn, NY gang did. The kids, all ranging in age from 15 to 19, started off with burglaries and progressed to more violent crimes, including a home invasion where the victims were tied up and assaulted, and a robbery where a local resident was shot and wounded. But unlike more seasoned criminals, the group bragged about their exploits on Facebook and even went as far as uploading a video of a crime that featured the gang members arguing over who got what part of the loot. And if that weren’t incriminating enough, some of the members friended a NYC police officer on Facebook, allowing the cop to track the crimes and even predict where the young punks would strike next. Needless to say, the next heist didn’t go very well — 14 gang members were busted.

(Read more: CBS Local)

Thief Steals iPhone & Uploads Photos to Victim’s Facebook Account
Apparently some people are better at stealing phones than using them. Two cases in point:

A Disney Cruise employee ended up with a woman’s iPhone and proceeded to fill up her iCloud account with photos of himself, his friends and his girlfriend. The victim uploaded those photos to Facebook for the world to see and contacted Disney about it. Disney security was able to recover the phone and placed “Nelson,” the employee in possession of the pilfered iPhone, under administrative leave while they investigated.

The second case was similar. A thief snatched a woman’s bag on the subway in Washington, D.C. and later posted a photo of himself on the victim’s Facebook page. The victim was able to verify the man in the photo as matching the description she gave to police. As of this post, the thief hadn’t been caught, but cops have a great piece of evidence for their investigation.

(Read more: My Fox DC, NY Mag, & Huffington Post)

Internet Cafe Thieves Arrested — After Leaving Facebook Account Open
Two men have been arrested after robbing an Internet cafe in Calima, Columbia. There was no need for an in-depth investigation because the thieves left some extremely incriminating evidence behind. The two men did a little social networking on Facebook, then proceeded to rob the cafe. One of the perps left his Facebook account logged in after fleeing the scene of the crime. It didn’t take local police long to track down the thief at his home. Both men were arrested.

(Via Gizmodo)

About the author  ⁄ Stan Shyshkin

Stan is a former marketing associate at BrickHouse Security, starting with the company as an intern in 2009. He’s highly interested in Internet marketing, social media and SEO, and he loves to travel.

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