Facebook Fugitive Finally Caught After Mocking Police for Months

craig-lynch_fbAfter escaping from Hollesley Bay prison, where he was serving a seven-year sentence for aggravated burglary, Craig ‘Lazie’ Lynch, failed to follow a fugitive’s one and most important rule: keep your head low and don’t draw attention to yourself.

Lynch created a Facebook page for himself where he put up status updates about what he was doing, where he had been, and even what he was planning to do. He continually stated how incompetent he thought the police are, and even posted pictures and videos of himself taunting them.

“I got a fantastic video, me watchin’ the London firework display surrounded by thousands of incompetent pigs. I’m even recorded asking police for directions. Let’s get this show back on the road” wrote Lynch.

As the police worked with Facebook to try and track him down, they also deleted his Facebook page. But this didn’t stop him, he kept on making new pages, and getting tons of friends and followers. At one point, Lynch had over 40,000 friends on his fan page and became an Internet celebrity around the world, which really makes you wonder how he didn’t get caught sooner.

After a total of four months running from (while taunting) the police, Craig ‘Lazie’ Lynch was finally arrested by the Metropolitan Police, and was charged with escaping from lawful custody at Bexleyheath Magistrates Court.

(Via Asylum)

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