Facebook Plans to Give Out Your Number and Address to Advertisers

After its first attempt to create a feature that would share users’ phone numbers and addresses with third party applications failed due to intense criticism, Facebook is back at it again. As usual, Facebook is trying to make the sharing of personal information as widespread as possible, except, instead of sharing the personal information with friends, Facebook is trying to convince users to share this information with third party applications and marketers.

The idea behind these new sharing settings is so that users will be able to choose which applications they want to share this information with, and make these permission controls much easier to access. However, what we predict happening is that the most popular apps will make this personal information mandatory to use their apps, making users choose between giving up their information or not being able to access the apps.

The feature hasn’t been released and is still being worked on. However, we hope this sharing of personal information will be easy for users to opt out of if they choose. As for Facebook’s other features which might place the user’s privacy at risk, click here to read our Facebook Security Guide (part 1) (part 2) (part 3).

(Via IT Pro Portal) / (Image by cambodia4kidsorg, licensed under Creative Commons)

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