Facebook Unveils New Location Sharing Feature – Is it a Security Threat?

facebookgeoFacebook is releasing a new feature that allows users to post their GPS location within a status update on the social networking site. This might seem like a cool feature to share with your close real life friends, but it becomes a real security threat when you’re friends with more than just your closest acquaintances on Facebook.

Location sharing was originally announced for Twitter, when the site rolled out location-based tweets and apps like foursquare that announce your location. After this development, there was a lot of negative feedback about the possible threat to your safety and home security. As a sort of cautionary tale, websites like “PleaseRobMe,” broadcasted tweets that mentioned location, alerting thieves that now would be a good time to rob your home.  Hopefully, commentary like this would prompt you to think twice before over sharing your information or limiting who you share this information with.  Regardless of these warnings, foursquare and location-based tweets are more popular than ever.

With Facebook jumping on the bandwagon with their version of location-based status updates, they are offering the feature to businesses for geo specific advertising. One of the first to pounce on this marketing opportunity is McDonald’s, as they will be able to offer specific products and deals to the users that are in the vicinity of their restaurants. As of right now, Facebook doesn’t plan on charging businesses for the use of this feature, so we’re guessing that there will be a huge boom of marketers hitting the social media giant as soon as this feature is released.facebook-location-map

Overall, Facebook is about to change dramatically with the release this feature and user will have to exercise a lot more self control when updating their locations as they go out. Our final tip for all our readers is to be careful who you share your location with, as it can land you and your possessions in danger.

(Via Wisdeo)

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