Facebook’s Risky All-In-One Communication Platform

Facebook recently unveiled its own communication platform that will let users manage and save their chat messages, regular messages, e-mail, and other web services all in one place. But, what is the risk if a hacker gains access to this solitary account?

Security experts warn that this new platform will raise security risks as Facebook becomes a top target for hackers and spammers. Not only will it offer hackers the user’s social networking identity, but also access to their e-mail and other web accounts. Gaining permission to a Facebook account will grant hackers access to a user’s entire online identity.

“Before signing up, users need to (sic) realise that these new features increase the attack surface on the Facebook platform, and make personal accounts all the more alluring for cybercriminals to break into… Facebook accounts will now be linked with many more people in the users’ social circles, opening up new opportunities for identity fraudsters to launch attacks,” says Graham Cluley, a senior technology consultant at Sophos.

If Facebook users start utilizing this all-in-one communication platform, they are advised to be extra careful to try and secure their profiles as much as possible. They should cautiously choose which apps they allow to access to their profiles, and they should come up with an extra-secure password that is more resistant to online aggressors.

(Via ZD Net)

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