Facebook Phishing Scam–Your Private Information Can be the Catch of the Day

When you find yourself attempting to cheat while playing Mafia Wars on Facebook, take that as a sign that you’re taking the moral of the game a bit too seriously.

Nevertheless, for those less than honest mobsters that want an easier way to ’86 the rat, one wrong click may cost them more than just the game.

New phishing scams using toolbars that advertise ways to cheat at popular Zynga games like Mafia Wars have been popping up that lure users to access their Facebooks through a button featured on the toolbar. The toolbars direct Facebook users to fake websites that appear to be the Facebook login page and collect usernames and passwords. fbpshtb44_thumb11

Scams usually take a user to a .tk domain, which you can probably find at the bottom of the page stating “hosted by T35 Free Webhosting” which is a dead giveaway that a user is not on the official Facebook page.

Another hint is a promise for “cheats” for Zynga games on toolbars that have been installed from the ourtoolbar.com domain. Do not log in to Facebook using the button on the toolbar.

Luckily, the toolbars have been reported and shut down, but it’s possible more will surface on the web, so exercise caution with personal information.

(via Sunbelt)

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