Couple Gets Robbed by Facebook "Friend"

facebook-add-as-friend1After getting their home robbed, a New Albany, Indiana couple learned the hard lesson that not everyone that that sends you a “friend request” on Facebook is really your friend.

Keri McMullen and Kurt Pendleton put up a Facebook status saying that they wouldn’t be home for the night since they were going out to see a concert in a nearby town at 8 PM. And at exactly 8:42 PM, their home was broken into by two men and more than $10,000 worth of electronics was stolen.

Thankfully for them, they had just installed a surveillance system in their home less than a week earlier, which caught the whole robbery and the crook’s faces on tape. To try to help catch the crooks, the couple decided to turn to their Facebook friends for help by putting up pictures of the crooks.

This is when McMullen realized one of them looked very familiar. In fact, she had added him as a friend about six months ago. She says he grew up across the street from her and hasn’t seen him in more than 20 years.

“I think the social networking sites are good to have… You just have to be smart about it. Because just because you’re trustworthy and a nice person does not mean everyone on your Facebook is. So you can’t put your address — my address wasn’t even listed — or your phone number or that you’re home alone or going out of town” said McMullen.

The police are investigating the man and haven’t identified him 100% yet, but McMullen says she positive that it’s him. Anyone with information about the burglary is asked to call the Floyd County Sheriff’s Department: (812) 948-5407.

(Via CBS News)

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