Facebook Will Now Protect Your From the Seedy Side of the Internet

Gone are the days of clicking a Facebook link and hoping that the innocent-looking website your friend sent you to isn’t anything dangerous or inappropriate. Thanks to Facebook teaming up with the security firm Websense, all of the links that you click on from Facebook will now be scanned in real-time for anything that can harm your computer, expose your personal information, or mentally scar you.

The Websense software, which works in the background when you click a link, scans for viruses, phishing schemes, botnets, other forms of online malware, as well as other inappropriate material that is deemed ‘abusive’ and contains racial hatred or pornography.

So the next time you click a link off of Facebook and you simply end up on that website, you can be sure that it is completely clean from online malware and other inappropriate or abusive material. However, if something suspicious is found on that website, you will be notified and will have the option of going back to Facebook or proceeding at your own risk.

(Story and image via Gizmodo)

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