Facebook Spam Apps Still Alive and Well

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We’ve all seen those fake “see who viewed your profile” Facebook apps and scripts. They come in many different forms and never seem to really do what they promise. So why do we keep seeing them, especially as the latest Facebook trend to pop up on user’s walls?

Like most spammy Facebook apps, this “see who viewed your profile” app has a few prerequisites before it lets you see who your page’s biggest fan is. First you have to grant this app access to your entire Facebook account, including permission to harvest your e-mail address, use your data as it pleases, and even post comments and links from your account.

Then, the app posts a comment on your wall about how great it works and attempts to spread itself to everyone else that your Facebook account is linked to. And once all of this is complete, do you finally get to see who visits your page?

Nope. It’s nothing more than another rogue app that does nothing for you while you grant it total access to all of your data.

By now most users know just how useless these types of apps are, but surprisingly they are still attracting people by the thousands. This latest app has already tricked around 60,000 users into handing over their personal data and is still continuing to grow.

To make sure spammers aren’t using your information to make a quick dollar at the cost of an inbox full of spam, head over to Facebook’s privacy settings (Settings – Privacy Settings – Applications and Websites) and make sure to delete the old apps that you are not using or ones that appear to be suspicious or plain useless.

(Via Naked Security Sophos) (Image taken from Facebook.com)

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