Embarrassing Facebook Photos to Be A Thing of the Past

The days of dreading being tagged in embarrassing Facebook photos and rushing home to untag yourself are now thankfully gone. After receiving countless requests from users to add this feature, Facebook has just announced that it will give users the option of having to approve tagged photos before they are posted on their profile. However, with this privacy update, Facebook also decided to loosen up on who gets to tag you, making it possible for complete strangers to tag you in photos.

So as with most Facebook privacy updates, with the good comes some bad, as we can expect Facebook spammers and event promoters to start tagging everyone in unrelated photos. But with that aside, this tagging update is a much desired feature which will protect user’s online privacy and also end the panicky feeling of worrying whether or not someone can damage your online reputation via tagged photo.

Facebook is also rolling out other privacy features which will make it easier to control who gets to see which parts of your profile, how certain people see the profile, and even let you update your posts after publishing them. For a full rundown of the new features, click here.

We’re glad to see that Facebook is listening to its users and making the changes they want. Or perhaps it’s simply an effort to keep up with its major competitor, Google+, but we’re still happy with the introduction of this new feature. Also, don’t go frantically searching through your privacy settings just yet, as it seems like this feature has not been released, but is in the process of being created.

(Via Facebook’s Official Blog)

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