Facebook's New Privacy Feature Might Just Stop Hackers From Accessing Your Account

fbsFacebook recently released new privacy features that look like they could potentially stop unauthorized access to your profile. Regardless of Facebook’s less than stellar security track record,  it might just be true.

The feature lets you register every computer you use to log into Facebook, such as your home computer, work computer, school computer, cell phone, etc. And whenever someone tries to login from an authorized computer, it will protect your account with a security question or put you through a test like identifying a friend in a photo.

There’s also an option to receive an e-mail message or text message alert  whenever someone tries to login to your Facebook account from an unauthorized computer. If you deny one of these unauthorized computers access, you can instantly change your password and log the user off. You can also set-up alerts that tell you whenever anyone logs into Facebook, so you’d know if you accidentally saved your password at work and a sneaky coworker logged in.

Previously criticized for lax security features, these new and improved security features provide us with a little bit more peace of mind than before.

(Via Facebook)

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