Will Facebook’s Timeline Feature Expose Too Much Information?

Facebook is planning on rolling out yet another feature which will make sharing that much easier for its users. However, security specialists are concerned that this new feature might make the sharing of personal information too easy, leading to an increase in hacking and harassment.

The new sharing feature, known as Timeline, will enable users to have their own one page summary of all the important events in their lives. And not only are these important events limited to what happened on Facebook, but users are also encouraged to go back into the Timeline and edit the events and fill in the blanks to produce a much more accurate picture of that person’s life.

Now this sounds like some serious sharing, and something that might look like a pretty neat feature for most users, but security-minded individuals like Sopho’s Chet Wisniewski can see the serious privacy concerns this raises. Considering that most people use the events and information from their personal lives to create passwords and answers for security questions, most hackers know that if they get access to their target’s social networking account, such as Facebook, they can mine it for a lot of useful information. And thanks to this new feature, mining important life details from a person’s Facebook account is that much easier.

So how can you protect your privacy and prevent a hacker from stealing your personal information while still getting to enjoy this new feature? We recommend that you ensure that your profile is only open to people that you know and trust and to keep other personal information hidden from the public.

(Via Mac World) / (Image by dtweney licensed under Creative Commons)

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