Fake Police Officer Arrests Robber with Fake Gun

Apparently having too much to drink and getting some liquid courage going, 19-year-old Wilnelia Rivera Caraballo decided that she was going to rob a store. Seeing as she didn’t have any real weapons or the creativity of our favorite stick up man, Ricky New, she decided to use a toy gun as her weapon of choice. Wearing a clear plastic mask and armed with her “weapon,” Caraballo entered the convenience store, ready to play off the toy gun as the real thing in hopes of getting away with some cash. However, it seems that her acting wasn’t that great, because moments after trying to pull off the robbery she heard, “Palm Bay police. Get on the ground!” to which she complied and moments later was being held down by one of the employees. But there were no police officers in sight – instead it seems that one of the store clerks was just a much better actor than the robber, and his quick wit had saved the day…

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or at least a pretty awkward robbery attempt where the girl would have had to try proving that her toy gun was real. Moral of the story: fake cops > fake robbers. (Story and image via Gizmodo)

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  • Hahaha… That’s hilarious. Too bad no one got a video of this. t

    • I told my grandmother how you hleepd. She said, “bake them a cake!”