Family Photo Leads to Thief’s Arrest

What looked like easy picking for a handbag thief turned out to be a surefire way to get arrested. From the thief’s perspective there was an unsupervised handbag sitting on the stoop, which he helped himself to.

The thief quickly sifted through the bag, throwing out things he didn’t want like children’s toys. He was left with a wallet full of cash and credit cards, hotel keys, rental car keys, and an iPad in the bag. Instead of fleeing the scene with loot in hand, he decided to hang around, waiting to snatch up more personal items.

Little did he know that the family he victimized was taking a photo that would also capture his identity and incriminate him in this crime. After noticing that their bag was missing and nowhere in sight, the Myers family decided to check their camera hopping it would give them some clue as to what happened.

But to their surprise, not only did they get a clue, they got all the evidence they needed: a photo of a thief going through their bag as they were turned away. Not having a moment to waste, the family reported the crime to the police and showed them the photo of the perpetrator.

Within moments, the thief’s description was broadcasted out to all the nearby officers and he was apprehended almost as fast as he stole the bag. The police caught him with the bag containing a wallet full of cash and credit cards, hotel keys, rental car keys, and an iPad in the bag. The rest of the possession were found in a nearby trash can and were returned to the family.

Not only did the family learn the lesson of leaving their possessions out of their sight, but the thief learned having a camera pointed at you during a crime, even if it’s not a security camera, can get you arrested.

(Via Gizmodo)

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