Ferry IP Cameras, Dummy Robbers and More – Weekly Security News Roundup

ip cameras roundup image nov 18This week’s security roundup finds fascinating stories from around the United States, looking at creative crime busts, unique uses for hidden cameras and much more.

Florida Detectives Use Hidden Cameras to Bust Unlicensed Strip Club

Orlando detectives ran a month-long undercover operation to break up an unlicensed strip club that only has legal approval to operate as a catering business. The detectives used undercover video to capture proof of illicit activities, including selling illegal drugs, alcohol abuse, and of course strippers, in a venue not licensed for those things. Although the OPD obviously had to do what was necessary to break up the underground club that catered mainly to violent criminals, there is no confirmation as to the final whereabouts of the surveillance footage of the dancers.

Read more at Action News Jacksonville

“Granny Cams” Increase Elderly Safety in Oklahoma

Oklahomans, especially those with family in elder care facilities, won a legislative victory recently, making it just the third state to explicitly permit long-term care residents to maintain personal surveillance cameras. Doris Racher installed a hidden “granny cam” in her mother’s room because items had gone missing. The resulting footage showed care workers abusing her mother, Eryetha Mayberry. Although she died shortly after the revelation, the Mayberry case caused a public outcry that the footage substantiated. The abusive aides have all either been convicted or fled the country, and other families know to use this technology to protect their loved ones.

Read more at telegram.com

Dummy Laundromat Burglars Cover Dummy Camera

A father and daughter team in Kentucky face burglary charges after covering the wrong surveillance camera and thus failing to protect themselves from discovery as they robbed a Laundromat of $800 in quarters. The footage shows the father instructing the dutiful daughter to cover the dummy camera, and then proceeding to calmly open and empty every machine. Police arrested the pair and charged them with theft by unlawful taking.

Read more and watch video at ABC 57 News

Google Developing Always-On Tracking Cookies

Insiders in the advertising industry recently told Digiday that Google is in the beta testing stages of a program that can secretly track smartphone users via GPS, even if they don’t have a Google app running. The insiders say Google will use the data to determine when users go to specific stores and co

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