Court Rules Against GPS Devices for Sex Offenders

115-0_62_gps_320A Massachusetts court ruled today that sex offenders convicted before 2006 could not be forced to wear GPS monitoring devices. The court ruled that retroactively forcing sex offenders to wear the tracking devices violates state and federal constitutions.Vice president of Community Voices, Debbie Savoia, described the ruling as a “slap in the face” to sex crime victims as well as a threat to public safety.

Savoia felt the effects of the ruling when she witnessed a registered sex offender Ralph Goodwin, get off on probation without a GPS tracking device. Goodwin was convicted in 1990 for kidnapping and sexually assaulting a seven year old boy. Superior Court Judge Kathe Tuttman stated that she was “legally prohibited” from placing the device on Goodwin.

“I’ve spoken to the [boy’s] mother” said Savoia, “and the pain in that woman is horrific and the fear is he’ll do it to another child, and he probably will.”

Massachusetts currently monitors 82 sex offenders with GPS devices. An additional 221 sex offenders in the state are wanted for violating conditions of their parole. It is clear that the residents of Massachusetts believe using these GPS tracking systems would be the best thing to keep their children safe.

(Via Fox News)

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