Firemen Give Warning About Heating Devices During Holidays

fireIn Tulsa, Oklahoma, there have been a series of intense fires raging throughout  towns. The fires are in direct correlation with a cold front that swept through Tulsa, leaving residents scrambling for ways to keep warm such as improper use of fireplaces and or space heaters.

According to Bill French, a Fire Department spokesman, people tend to use plug-in heaters and space heaters, which have been known to start more fires than other methods.

“Fireplaces are actually fairly safe,” French said. “The problem with anything other than a fireplace is people leave combustible materials close to them.”

A major fire was started on Thursday when a man added a large log to his fireplace, that became so intense that they spread up the chimney and attic. However, the fire started because the man used pine wood, a wood not traditionally used because of the amount of soot it produces, which can potentially clog a chimney.

French also added that space heaters and the overloading of extension cords tend to be the worst offenders when starting winter fires. He also stated all though the number of fires started by heating appliances does increase during the winter the number of overall fires stays about the same.

(Via Los Angeles Public Relations)

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