The Flight Confirmation E-Mail That Might Ruin Your Vacation

If you’re planning on going on vacation this holiday season you’re more than likely to book your flight tickets online. Well, criminals and hackers think the same way, which is why this year they’re targeting your flight confirmation e-mails. Their plan of attack is to send you fake flight confirmation e-mails with virus attachments designed to look like your tickets. Once you open one of these attachments it’s most likely too late. The keylogger spyware has already installed itself on your system and is now recording all of your activity, including passwords and credit card information. So if you’re unlucky enough to fall prey to this scam, stop using your computer immediately and try to run an anti-virus program. If it doesn’t find anything then it would be a good idea to bring your computer to a repair shop. Many of these nasty viruses can hide from an anti-virus program and continue to steal your information. If you’re not sure whether or not you have one of these viruses

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on your system, here are some signs to look for:

  • Your computer is running slower than usual.
  • You get a lot of pop-ups on the Internet.
  • Your contacts receive the same virus e-mail from you.
  • You get redirected when you try to go to Google.
  • You can’t access the Internet.

Hopefully you haven’t fallen victim to this scam and continue to stay safe by following some common web safety guidelines:

  • Don’t open attachments from addresses or websites you don’t know.
  • Check that the e-mail address that sends you a message or a link is authentic (hackers sometimes use authentic looking addresses by planting a typo in the e-mail address).
  • Most flight confirmations will be included in the e-mail without making you open an attachment; be extra cautious when you see an attachment.
  • Don’t click on any suspicious links in your e-mail; just clicking one can install a virus on your system.

(Via Fox59)

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