Surveillance Camera Hidden in Flower Pot Captures Car Thief

screenshot_03Superheros are a thing of the past- with cutting edge technology, you can become your own vigilante. After a series of approximately 30 break-ins in a period of only 2 weeks, a criminal was caught on a home video tape by a local resident, Pam Trickey. The sunlit, warm, and welcoming town turned into a much darker reality- one that she wanted to catch on tape. Authorities are hopeful that this new footage will help them catch the burglar. The picture identification is a vital part of the investigation that was missing prior to this major breakthrough. Trickey, bought surveillance cameras to catch the person who vandalized her car, instead she got the burglar responsible for other neighborhood car break-ins. Taking it a step further, she cleverly hid the cameras in flower pots.

“There he is right there, and he walks up to the vehicle, you can see his face right there he is looking at the camera,” Trickey said.

Watching the man rummage through her car, looking for anything valuable, Trickey was relieved when the man finally left, defeated by her invaluable objects. On the same night her car was ransacked so too her a number of her neighbors- but Trickey is hopeful that her home movie will help catch the thief.


Trickey isn’t the only civilian taking superman’s job into her own hands- using home security systems, such as surveillance cameras or other forms of

security can empower anyone to be a crime fighter. Being bitten by a radioactive spider is a lot more painful than spending a few dollars on your own superpowers. (Via 14WFIE)

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