The Future of Surveillance Cameras is… Drones?

When you think of surveillance or security cameras, the image that usually comes to mind is that of a camera attached to a wall or even built into something such as a door frame above the main entrance of a building. But with the widespread use of military drones and other remote-controlled devices, security cameras might just go from stationary video recorders to fully remote-controlled surveillance spies.

This isn’t just based on theory or simple prediction, but on products that already exist and might soon start receiving widespread attention. The one product in specific that we’re referring to here is the Aeryon Scout, which is a completely wireless drone that sends live video footage to users on the ground and can fly to any location to covertly record from afar.

The way this drone works is that a user taps on a location in Google Maps, to which the drone then flies at 30 mph. When at the location, the drone automatically stabilizes itself and silently hovers in its target destination as it streams clear video footage to its controller, which can view the footage from almost any device, including an iPhone.

Unlike a drone or remote control camera that we can notice hovering overhead, however, the Aeryon Scout can fly up to 500 ft. above ground and zoom in for a close-up from up to 300 meters away (that’s 984.25 ft!). Meaning it can spy on its target from such a distance that it would never even be noticed! And if that wasn’t enough to convince you, or scare you, of how powerful and ingenious this camera system is, the drone also uses a self-correcting camera that stays locked on target even if it or the target is moving at high speeds or if strong winds move the drone.

As for the price, it matches the drone’s capabilities and features, meaning it probably won’t be suitable for your everyday home security needs, unless you’re a millionaire with about $50,000 to invest on a covert spy drone or a really fancy toy. So who would this spy drone be a good choice for? We predict that it will be used by government agencies, successful private investigators, secret agents, and the notorious billionaire bad guys you see in action movies.

Watch the included video to see the Aeryon Scout in action and let us know of what you think. What will this type of technology lead to, and will it be good for society or will it increase the invasion of privacy that’s happening already?

(Post & image via Daily Mail)

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