Good Morning America Child Safety Device Program Features BrickHouse Security

78-goodmorningamericalogoScreaming can be heard for miles across. Search teams are deployed and spend hours upon hours calling. Hearts are suspended mid-air. This routine happens 2000 times a day; every single time a child has gone missing. In response to this horrifying scenario, Good Morning America on ABC found some new gadgets that are now available to help lower that number and aide parents in keeping track of their precious children.

Low Tech Items

image21These items may be low tech but they are certainly effective. They provide a nice safety net hovering right under your child making the impact of the fall less harsh. The first item featured was the Safety Tat, which was invented by a Baltimore mom concerned about her child’s safety. The Safety Tat is a peel and stick applique that can be place on your child. The idea behind this is that the tat features the emergency number that should be contacted if the child gets lost and is found by a stranger. With its waterproof resistance and 5 day endurance, this applique is a perfect and fun accessory for any child.

Another item featured on the show were bracelets and necklaces. These fashionable, cute, and trendy pieces of jewelery can be used for all ages. On the back of the necklace or bracelet is an 800 number, url address, and an ID number that corresponds to the person sporting the fine jewelry. This is an essential piece of jewelry for anyone with any serious medical needs. God forbid anything happens to the child, once someone calls the number they will be given a medical history and any other pertinent information necessary to ensure the child’s safety until he/she is returned home.

High Tech Items




The glistening sun dances on top of the blue floor covering a deep sea of water. The welcoming dance floor is deceiving in the sweltering heat. As beads of sweat drip down the small of your back you can’t help but be tempted by shimmer of light. Pause, before you jump into the oasis and think- how might your kids feel? The answer is that they are feeling the same way- except worse. And they can’t swim. All of these factors can only lead to disaster. Good Morning America found a perfect solution – BrickHouse Security’s pool alarm that you can place on your child. If the child goes in the water, the alarm goes off notifying you immediately, giving you ample time to save your child from being another statistic.

products_brownThe next item featured on Good Morning America was called Mommy I’m here. Disguised by a cute clip on bear was another alarm system. The child wear the bear on his/her clothing and if is distracted and wanders away the mother has a control that he/she can press to sound the alarm.

yhst-34485349551558_2061_20256228The tour de force of their child safety devices was a GPS tracker similar to the BrickHouse Security Child Locator. The instant your loved one wanders too far, the hand-held Locator will instantly notify you with loud beeping, vibration and directional guidance all at once. You can preset a certain “safety” zone that dictates to the GPS device how far away your child is allowed to wander away from you and the second your child steps out of the safety zone, the alarm will go off.

Overall, Good Morning America’s suggestions for devices to help keep your child safe are very useful, and it certainly doesn’t hurt to get more than one of these items. When it comes to your child’s safety, there is no such thing as having too many safety precautions.

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