Google Earth Gets Man Arrested

google-earth_2jpg1 Finally having had enough of his one-ton boat, and not wanting to pay for getting rid of it the legal way, a man decided to just dump it and let someone else take care of it. He figured that if he removed the vehicle identification number and registration that there would be no way of tracing it back to him, and in the days before Google Earth, he’d probably be right. 


After finding the boat abandoned in a subdivision near Pensacola, Florida, and with no way to identify who it belongs to, Deputy Gregory Barnes decided to find the owner his own way. He logged on to Google Earth and searched around to see where the boat was before, such as by who’s house. This is when he found that the boat was previously parked near Dwight Everett Foster’s house, and went out to arrest him for illegal dumping.

(Via Mashable)


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