Is Google Trying to Kill the Password?

Passwords: They’re our main source of security online, but they’re vulnerable to hackers and they’re easy to forget. Through its Chrome web browser, Google is developing a  new system of password management that promises to raise the bar for online security and make your life on the web easier to manage.

Sophisticated hackers have gotten extremely good at stealing passwords — or taking advantage of users who are still stubbornly sticking with easy-to-guess sign-ons like “password,” “abc123” or their first names.

If you’re vigilant about your online security, you’ve learned to create more complicated passwords and change them frequently. But you’re still at risk of being hacked — and you have to deal with the annoyance of tracking your ever-growing password list, particularly when you access different sites from multiple computers.

Enter Google.

Currently, Chrome remembers your login credentials and backs them up (along with your favorite links), so you can access your important info from any computer using your Google account. And Chrome developers are working on the next step in password management, which will allow the system to randomly generate secure passwords for each of your online destinations and effortlessly log you in when you visit those websites.

But wait, it gets even better.

Aside from creating secure passwords and keeping track of them, Google says that Chrome will also be able to identify when any of your passwords get compromised — and instantly change them for you. So the moment a website gets hacked and its users’ login information gets stolen, the browser will automatically reset your password and notify you of its actions.

This may not mean the end of the password as we know it, but if would certainly be a step in the right direction. Google won’t say when the new system is expected to be up and running, but we’re looking forward to it.

(Image by DaveBleasdale licensed under Creative Commons)

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  • Victent

    The new password management souds very useful. But seems I can only use these account information in chrome, the passwords will hard to remember. And once you remembered one, it may happen that chrome has changed your password to a new one automatically.
    It will produce high dependency of chrome.
    Currently I don’t want to tie myself to certain one browser.I like using different browsers, such as firefox, Avant browser, maxthon.Especially the Avant and maxthon who is full of useful build-in features and buttons.

  • The problem is that there is not a single standardized password system. This makes it impossible to memorize any type of password key.

    As well, it would be beneficial to have an email address for each person who emails you. this way they would email You would then activate bob and accept emails from him to that email address.

    If you got spam at that email address. Its time to blame bob. This would allow people to track down and report places that do share and sell emails.