U.S. Government Steps in, Forces Facebook to Respect Privacy

Considering how many people are on Facebook worldwide, it seems an appropriate time for the government to step in to ensure that user’s privacy and rights were protected. Especially since Facebook has a history of randomly updating its privacy settings, exposing user data to the rest of the Web, the Federal Trade Commission decided that all sharing should be opted into instead of Mark Zuckerberg’s typical opt-out. According to the Wall Street Journal, an agreement between the FTC and Facebook is pending final approval that would make users have to opt-in to share whatever it is they want their friends or the world to see, making the default settings be that only you can access your own posts and shares. So there you have it, no longer will users have to worry that their embarrassing photos or angry status updates will be viewed by the world whenever there are new “privacy” settings being introduced. And to make sure that Facebook continues to care for users’ privacy, there will also be mandatory privacy audits for the next two decades, ensuring that you’re the one in control of what you want to share. This is probably how Facebook should have been all along; but these new updates are a welcome change. (Via Gizmodo)

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    This is a welcome change. I had reduced my activity on FB gradually – first after it removed the option to not show my likes and comments in the “Most Recent” posts, and then when it introduced ticker without any mechanism to control what I share with the world there.