GPS Ankle Bracelets: Only Effective on Real Legs

GPS ankle bracelets are a pretty ingenious idea; you strap a GPS tracker onto the leg of the person you want to track, and wherever they go, you stay informed in real-time. And to make sure that the bracelet remains on the leg, there are safety measures that alert the tracking party whenever the bracelet has been unlocked, broken, deactivated, or simply travels outside a designated area. However, as two employees of a British private security firm recently found out, there is a loophole that compromises the reliability of such a device: artificial limbs.

The leg to which the tracker was attached was prosthetic, which the man could easily remove whenever he pleased. And if you’re wondering how the security firm employees didn’t notice this, the only excuse they have is that the leg was wrapped in a bandage during the time of set up.

As for the to-be-tracked man, he was soon caught and arrested for driving while banned and without insurance. Hopefully next time anyone tries to attach a tracking bracelet onto him, they actually attach it to a real body part.

(Story & image via Gizmodo & WHPTV)

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