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New York, ASIS NYC April 2009 — BrickHouse Security announced today at the ASIS NYC Security Expo “The Executrac” Mobile GPS Tracking software for Smart Phones; a powerful, invisible application that turns any BlackBerry into a covert GPS Tracker with an emergency panic button. The application is so covert that it can be deployed wirelessly in seconds to thousands of company owned BlackBerrys unbeknownst to the user. Employers now have the power to closely monitor employee productivity and security anywhere in the world.

Journalists And Executives Fear Kidnapping Attempts
Journalists and executives who travel to dangerous areas, often fear kidnapping or other violent crimes. The only chance a remote traveler has is a panic button to secretly send a emergency signal with their exact GPS location to the people they trust to send help. “The Executrac” provides a safety net for international travelers with no additional hardware or training.

Remote Employees Take Advantage Of Freedom Costing Companies Billions
“Companies fear that remote employees such as field reps are stealing time from employers,” explained Todd Morris, CEO BrickHouse Security. “Many of our corporate customers fear they are not getting their money’s worth from field employees who may be on a golf course when they should be working, or worse” This unproductive time costs companies over $795 billion each year.

With “The Executrac” Mobile GPS Tracking software, companies can monitor the precise location of all their field employees from any web browser. “Most employees are issued company BlackBerrys, and with an invisible installation employers can turn these company BlackBerrys into GPS Trackers… with or without the employees knowledge,” explained Todd Morris, CEO of BrickHouse Security.

Covertly Deploy Wirelessly To Thousands Of BlackBerrys
With a fast download or “push installation,” employers can deploy “The Executrac” Mobile GPS Tracker to thousands of company BlackBerrys completely wirelessly and without any intervention by the user.

Invisible Footprint To The User With Web-Based Mapping
The Executrac” Mobile GPS Tracker software runs invisibly in the background and does not change or affect the phone’s voice or e-mail functionality. Accurate within 5-15 meters, this mobile GPS Tracking software starts tracking withing 9 seconds of being turned on and stays covert to the user by using less than 15% of the BlackBerry’s battery over a 24 hour period. The web-based platform features an integrated Google Earth functionality, making it easy for employers to track employees online no matter where they are in the world.


  • Application Runs Invisibly In Background
  • Custom Panic Button For Emergency Situations
  • Fast Download – Wirelessly Deploy To Thousands BlackBerrys
  • Complete History & Reporting
  • GeoFence Safety Zone Alerts

For additional information on “The Executrac” Mobile GPS Tracking Software, please visit http://www.brickhousesecurity.com/mobile-cellphone-gps-tracking.html

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    This is a great application for me! its a great app for anyone who needs to keep track of their time more effectively. After every call and email, I am prompted to tag it, list who I called or emailed, record what project it was for, put a note of what the email or phone call was about, and list what the cost was for my time.BlackBerry tracking software