GPS Fleet Tracking System Turning Around Town

As the global economy continues to struggle on the long road towards recovery, towns and cities need to be creative in order to spend money wisely. Using existing but untapped technology such as GPS tracking can be an essential way for cities to improve and streamline the services they provide, and one forward-thinking mayor is doing that to improve his city’s public works service.

North Providence, Rhode Island Mayor Charles A. Lombardi is choosing GPS  fleet tracking to monitor the town’s public works vehicles. In late spring, Lombardi began placing tracking units on 14 pickups and dump trucks. The units were installed with the goal of giving workers more motivation to be efficient at work throughout the town and to save fuel and manpower by improving the overall management of fieldwork. The units were installed at a desperate time for North Providence Public Works, during which attrition had forced them to lose employees.

“We knew we could get the job done with less people,” Lombardi said. “This was a way to support that. It’s proven it.”fleets

In late May and early June, Public Works was in a tight spot with only 23 workers after severe layoffs. They were not able to complete all the daily tasks necessary, which typically consisted of picking up debris and repairing roads. Lombardi argued that by bringing in GPS and using a smaller workforce, Public Works could be more efficient in their daily tasks and avoid time-wasters such as crossing town to pick up debris when there was a nearby spot that needed attention.

With GPS technology, Public Works Director Glenn Corrente is able to track the location of every one of his crews over the course of the day. So far, Corrente is satisfied with the effectiveness of the new plan and how it’s changing some of the department’s method’s, including gas used and efficient use of time.

(Via The Providence Journal)

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