Stolen Truck's GPS Tracking System Leads to Black-Market Operation in Mexico

minercA GPS fleet tracking system installed on a stolen service truck belonging to the Miner Corporation, has led not only to the successful return of the vehicle, but it also was instrumental in leading San Antonio police to an illegal stolen-goods route to Mexico.

Fortunately, for the Minor Corporation, they had a GPS tracking device installed on their truck so they were easily able to track it down.

David Janssen of Miner Corporation said: “We can tell when the truck was started, where it went and where it stopped, and it was stopped at this location about 1 a.m. for about 20 minutes, apparently to unload it, then it was dumped in another portion of town.”

Using the GPS tracking data, the corporation notified the police of the vehicle’s location. San Antonio police in turn got a search warrant for the home in the 1100 block of Pecan Valley. But when detectives arrived, they were astonished to discover much more than just a stolen truck containing thousands of dollars worth of welders. At the home, the authorities also uncovered hundreds of mostly stolen goods, including televisions, power-washers, and even a wheelchair. Police believe that this address was being used as a halfway house for a black-market operation bringing stolen goods into Mexico.

“It’s my understanding that’s what this guy does; he buys stolen property, particularly welders, and takes them by the trailer-full to Mexico,” Detective James Caviness said.

(Via Kens5)

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