BrickHouse Security Saves Jesus for 8th Year in a Row, Offers Free GPS Tracking of Nativity Scenes and Holiday Displays

Jesus saves, but who’s saving Jesus? Nativity scenes continue to be targeted by manger marauders and heretics of all stripes — and predictably, the baby Jesus is the most popular target. But for the 8th year in a row, BrickHouse Security is doing something about it.

The BrickHouse “GPS Jesus” program protects participating religious institutions and non-profits from robbery and vandalism by providing free Spark Nano real-time GPS trackers during the holidays. Even the shipping is fast, free… and tracked. If a nativity figurine is stolen or taken for a joy ride, victims will receive a text or email alert, and then be able to track the figurine’s location in real time on any PC, smartphone or tablet.

BrickHouse CEO Todd Morris recently spoke with Fox News about GPS Jesus. Watch the video above for all the details. If you’re interested in participating in the program before Christmas Eve, fill out the form below.


About the author  ⁄ Erik Helin

Erik is BrickHouse Security's copy chief. Hailing from the Midwest (Wisconsin), Erik moved to NYC in 2010, securing a job at BrickHouse shortly thereafter. Outside of work he writes about music, does freelance advertising work, and wastes his life on the internet. Aside from no-brainers like cheese and beer, Erik enjoys music, travel, TV, his cat, and Brooklyn.