GPS Tracking App Busts Thieves

Thieves beware! If you think you’re stealing a plain old cell phone, think again. You may be stealing an active GPS tracker that will lead police to your exact whereabouts. This is exactly what happened with a Michigan thief that broke into a sleeping woman’s home and stole her laptop and cell phone.

Having woken and noticed that her cell phone and laptop were nowhere in sight, the Michigan woman looked around her home to investigate. It turns out, a  thief had forced her window open and snuck into her home while she was sleeping.

Unfortunately for the thief, the cell phone he stole had a GPS tracking program installed on it to record and send the phone’s exact location to the web. So when the woman woke up and seen that the phone was stolen, she immediately logged onto the tracking website and located her cell phone.

She then called the police and told them what had happened, and alerted them that the GPS tracker was still active. When officers arrived at the address seen on the map, they found two teenage males along with the missing laptop and the cell phone. The duo was quickly arrested and charged with home invasion.

As GPS gains momentum in practical everyday usages, more and more people are benefiting from its use.

(Via MLive)

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