Pike County Turns to Sprint's GPS System to Track School Buses

Mothers who send their children to school on the school bus system are often concerned with the safety of their child. Well parents in the Pike County School system can breathe even easier than most. Park County School have partnered up with Sprint Nextel and Telenav Track to install GPS cell phones on all of the county school buses.

Tom Hicks of the PCS transportation department stated “Over the past few years, buses have been hijacked in other places. this system helps protect our buses.”

According to Hicks, Sprint provided the equipment and it was all installed right before school started. Through this system county officials have the ability to see the exact mileage of the buses as well as their exact location and speeds.

Sprint's Telenav

Sprint's Telenav

The most comforting part for parents is that the GPS technology allows the transportation department to locate each bus and see whether or not it’s on schedule. Using this technology the department can now respond to a parents concern without having to bring the bus driver into it. Hicks also stated that the phones will not be used to speak with the bus drivers, but that it is simply being used as a tracking device.

(via Troy Messenger) (Image via Creative Commons)

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