GPS Tracking Program to Save Baton Rouge Millions

gpsmapThe Baton Rouge Public Works Department is moving towards integration and implementation of GPS trackers in 900 city vehicles within the next four years. The Assistant Director of Management and Finance for Baton Rouge Public Works Department describes that the city’s primarily need for GPS is to track street sweepers and diesel fuel pump trucks that services tractors and heavy equipment, but the city hopes to expand this to most city vehicles.

Using GPS tracking can be a huge money saver for cities because they can use GPS tracking systems to check in on their employee’s location, properly dispatch workers, and overall increase productivity and efficiency.

Lafayette City-Parish Emergency Operations Coordinator Mike Mouton describes the move towards GPS, “We use it as a matter of checks and balances.”

Currently the Baton Rouge department utilizes 16 GPS trackers in public vehicles but plans to expand it to 100 vehicles within the next two years, and 900 in the next four years. The only obstacle that remains for total implementation of the GPS tracking project proposed by Michael Durel (estimated at $395,000), may be the Layfayette City-Parish Council that already rejected the idea when it was originally proposed. Using his veto powers, Michael Durel resumed the project, citing that it will in the long term save the city thousands, maybe millions of dollars.


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