GPS Tracking Becoming Commonplace Worldwide – Even On College Campuses

sunderlandWhat was once viewed as complicated, pricey, and confusing, is now being employed worldwide to help increase efficiency and cut costs. What is it? It’s GPS tracking. GPS tracking is used almost everywhere ranging from private businesses to family tracking, to now the Scottish Sunderland University transit system. Previously adopted by English pub owners, Scottish administrators are now using GPS to track their own transit system to ensure that buses are on time and running smoothly.

‘Our software can send the data back every second through the GPS network to a remote, web-based server,’ said Neil Herron, marketing director for FleetM8.

‘As a fleet manager you can watch what your vehicles are doing and make real-time decisions,’ he said. Herron said Arriva has already fitted FleetM8 telemetry devices to buses on one route in Glasgow and the technology has since demonstrated that it can prevent buses from ‘bunching up’.

‘We hope to one day remove the phrase from the English language: “all the buses seem to come at once”,’ he said. ‘Our system is accurate to less than one metre.’

Herron says the next step is mobile updates for the bus system that will alert passengers when the bus is nearing. This system will also support mobile ticket purchase.

(Via The Engineer)

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