GPS Tracking Device Used to Fight the War on Drugs

airportcopsThe buzz of people waiting to board the plane drowns out the heavy breathing of the suspicious looking people clutching their fists hoping to release some tension in their body.  Their darting eyes screen the room for any threats as they walk through security.  They hold their breath praying that nothing goes wrong and close their eyes as they take their first step under the beams of metal. Then it comes, the beautiful, refreshing sound of absolutely nothing.  No alarms.  No flashing lights.  Plain and utterly priceless nothing.  Ignorant is everyone to the fact that another drug dealer just successfully smuggled more drugs into the country.

According to an article written in,  an astounding 80% of drugs smuggled into New Zealand go undetected every year, as reported by the National Drug Intelligence Bureau, and changes need to be made to substantially lower that number.

Authorities are trying to respond to the surprisingly high number of successful transportation of illegal drugs into New Zealand every year by implementing a new technology.  While the exact methodology of how these devices could be used to prevent drug trafficking cannot be released, authorities have confirmed that they need to implement GPS tracking devices in order to track intercepted shipments. However, there are some obstacles to overcome before any real progress can be made.

First, most GPS tracking devices (not all) rely on satellite signals to determine their location.  The unfortunate reality is that satellite signals cannot penetrate buildings and metal shipping containers, thereby making most GPS devices ineffective in places where they would most likely be needed. nano-map

Another possible solution could be using inertial sensors that are also used as tracking devices, though their primary use is to chart acceleration. However, these devices are too large to go successfully undetected by criminals who might see them.

Luckily there is a promising piece of technology that is featured at BrickHouse Security. Do not be deceived by the size of these gadgets- they may be small but they are certainly not lacking in strength. Specialized fleet management gps devices function in areas with extremely low signals like those found in shipping containers, could prove to be invaluable in tracking drug shipments.


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