New Bill May Effectively Prevent Domestic Violence with GPS Tracking

350010167772150storieslarge20100301ortiz-2-28-10-cyIn New York, Assemblyman Felix Ortiz is working hard to enact a new bill that would protect domestic violence victims by requiring any person with an order of protection issued against them to wear a GPS tracking device. The family of Erika Delia took to the steps of CIty Hall with Ortiz to express their support of such a bill.

In 2007, Erika Delia was murdered by her ex-boyfriend who she had previously had a restraining order on. And just recently a woman in Flushing was murdered by a man who she had multiple restraining orders against.

This new bill would require any individual with an order of protection issued against them, due to domestic violence, to wear a GPS tracking device around their ankle. A special corporation would be delegated the job of monitoring these GPS tracking devices. There are already a few counties in Queens and Brooklyn who are testing a pilot program for this device.

According to reports by the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence – in 2006, over 50,000 cases of domestic violence in New York were reported; 28 children and 53 women were murdered in acts of domestic violence.

In addition to saving lives, Ortiz says that this can also save the state money by preventing violence from occurring, thus reducing the amount of inmates in prisons.

Dolores Maddis, Erika Delia’s aunt spoke up by saying, “I am advocating life,” she said. “I just want people to live and the orders of protection are not doing the job. Get rid of the pieces of paper and put the GPS’s on.”

(Via the Epoch Times)

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