Missing Teen’s Case Highlites Possibilities of GPS for Investigation

brittanneeWhen 18-year-old Brittanee Drexel went missing from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, investigators turned to GPS tracking embedded within the girl’s cell phone to help put a pin on her location. Known as an avid cell phone user, Drexel was tracked to the nearby area of Georgetown County before the signal went cold. For investigators, narrowing down the teen’s location was an important step in gathering information in her case. Although Brittanee’s whereabouts are still unknown, investigators were able to expedite the investigative process by narrowing down the search to her last known GPS location. Law enforcement agents are hoping that they can tap more and more into GPS technology, especially in these missing person’s cases. 

“[GPS tracking] is all becoming more compressed into one device. Obviously with technology, making things smaller and more robust, cell phone technology has grown by leaps and bounds,” said Graham. “It makes it much harder in areas like that where you’ve only got a few cell towers along a particular route and you don’t have them geographically scattered in certain areas,” said Ryan Graham of HTC.

Hopefully as the technology improves and becomes more portable, investigators can tap into this resource more and more to help find missing persons as well as suspects in criminal cases.

(Via WMBF News)

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  • joe3333331

    the people who want to put tracking in people’s phones are the ones who kill innocent people.

  • joe3333331

    the people who want to put tracking in people's phones are the ones who kill innocent people.