GPS Tracking Being Used in Protective Order Cases To Guard Victims

protective_order Last Wednesday the Washington County Delegation voted unanimously for a bill that puts into action a two-year GPS tracking trial program for individuals who have not abided by protective orders. GPS devices will be used to safeguard people in domestic violence situations.

There are definitely advantages to this program. There are always going to be people who unfortunately break protective orders, making victims vulnerable. With this GPS tracking program, the victim would benefit from enhanced safety. Respondents on pretrial release who are charged with breaching a protective order would be eligible for GPS monitoring.  The respondent fitted with the GPS would not be allowed in a pre-determined “exclusion zone.” Both the victim and 911 would be alerted if the GPS comes into this space. Law enforcement officials would be sent to the scene without delay.

If for some valid reason the GPS-fitted individual would need to encroach the “exclusion zone,” he or she would have to inform 911 prior to doing so, and police would be present.

Lives could potentially be saved by the use of GPS tracking technology. “We have the technology that gives law enforcement and victims an opportunity to better respond to very deadly situations,” Shank said Wednesday.

(Via The Herald Mail)

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