GPS Tracking Satellite Speed Camera: Vehicle Tracking From Space


The Transport of London (TfL) has announced testing of the Intelligent Speed Adaption system that will monitor the speed of cars from outer space using GPS tracking.  When the system detects a speeding car, it will slow down that car until it is under the limit. This system will make speed camera vehicle tracking obsolete.

It is intended to be used for government and public vehicles such as cab drivers, but people are worried about what this technology could mean for the future of transportation.

Critics worry about vehicle congestion the GPS tracking system may contribute to. However, the TfL says that GPS vehicle tracking could cut accidents down by 10%. The vehicle tracking system offers two modes: voluntary and advisory. In the advisory mode, a screen would display the speed limit and a face that smiles when the driver goes the limit and frowns when they go over. The voluntary mode prevents drivers from accelerating after going over the limit no matter how far the pedal is pressed.

This GPS speed camera could help any driver avoid the unnecessary penalties of creeping over the speed limit and at the same time will save lives,” said Chris Lines, head of TfL’s road safety unit.

The TfL say their tracked vehicle fleet is scheduled to take the streets this summer.

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