GPS is About to Become Twice as Fast & Accurate

GPS accuracy and lock-on speed depends on how many GPS satellites have a clear view of your device at any moment of the day, however, what most people aren’t aware of is that there are plenty of non-GPS satellites oribiting Earth that are capable of doing the exact same job of providing location. It only makes sense that U.S. cell providers would eventually tap into these additional satellites. And that’s exactly what researches are now

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working on. Not only can they easily achieve this goal, but have already. Utilizing Russia’s GLONASS system, which is the equivalent of the U.S.’s GPS system and has its own satellites constantly circling Earth, researchers have been able to create a chipset that uses both of these location tracking systems. By using both of these systems, your location based devices, such as smartphones, navigation systems, and GPS trackers (well, they probably won’t be called just GPS trackers anymore) will be able to find its location twice as fast and twice as accurately.

“You actually have the system able to look at both satellite constellations at one time and leverage them so … you can get a more accurate fix, or a faster fix,” says Rob Chandhok, president of Qualcomm Internet Services, the company that created this chipset.

Chandhok says that the GLONASS positioning system is already in use in Russian smartphones, and within the next year all smartphones will be manufactured using this Qualcomm chipset, offering twice the location tracking power. However, as this upgrade is based on hardware and not software, your old GPS-only phones will not be able to keep up and will require you getting a brand new model. As stated earlier, this innovation is not only for smartphones, but can and will be implemented in all location tracking devices, making everything from your navigation units to GPS trackers twice as accurate and twice as fast! Personally, we at BrickHouse Security are glad that this technology is now a reality and can’t wait to see how it will change the future of the industry. (Via PC Mag) / (Image by Sami Niemela licensed under Creative Commons)

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  • I totally agree. This is very exciting news! When this happens, I will have the ability to track my teen age daughter when she is driving even more accurately. When you are tracking a driver, quicker results and alerts from the GPS system would make a significant difference when monitoring safe driving versus reckless. The difference of a life or death situation for your teen driver.