65 Million U.K. Jewelry Heist Captured On Video, Leads To Arrest

3dde3303-180a-4663-a516-29a079b78b96hmedium1Lets be honest: It seems like the interesting robbers are all gone. The Ocean’s 11 style thieves are a relic of the past. You never hear about people putting effort into robberies or heists, no grand getaways, and it’s a shame. At least two men brought back that memorable past with a London jewelry heist worth $65 million last week, but in doing so they confronted a powerful modern foe: video surveillance.

This dangerous daytime heist netted the robbers $65 million worth of jewelry from the powerful London diamond merchant Graff Diamonds, but also led to a suspect being arrested in connection with the heist and the entire heist being captured on camera. The surveillance footage seemed to capture a scene similar to every heist movie in history, with the two dapper robbers producing guns in the store and taking a staff member hostage while making off with their haul, before escaping into a group of getaway cars across the city. It was a fascinating scene that was filmed that day. Too bad for them, our Dapper Dons weren’t starring in Hollywood movie, but stuck in real life.

Police believe at least two others helped the pair escape. No one was hurt in the robbery, one of the biggest in British history.

According to the London Police Department, the men captured a large collection of high-end rings, bracelets, necklaces and watches with a retail value of £40 million GBP, or $65 million USD. In keeping with the decadence and strangeness of the situation, amid the collection was a flowing flower necklace made from 272 separate diamonds and triple-hoop earrings bearing no fewer than 216 gemstones.

The suspect arrested August 12th was a 50-year old man who was subsequently released on bail. Despite the amount of security footage available, he is not one of the two dapper robbers captured on film during the heist. His name has also not been released, as British authorities rarely release suspects names until they are charged. The suspect was arrested Monday, but according to Scotland Yard, his capture was kept secret for “operational reasons.” They also declined to say what amount they set as bail.

Detective Chief Inspector Pam Mace told reporters that the robbers were “extremely dangerous,” and claimed the men could be identified by if they possibly spoke about the heist beforehand or boasted about it afterward. Indeed. They already sound like they come out of a movie. Why wouldn’t they? (Via MSNBC)


graffThree men were charged yesterday in connection with London’s largest diamond heist at Graff Jewelers. Graff Jewelers is owned by Laurence Graff, the self- described “King of Diamonds.” Graff is ranked 305th on the Forbes list of the world’s richest people, and his store attracts many rich and famous customers including Paris Hilton and Oprah Winfrey. Obviously, his store made for a healthy and alluring target for these men.

Solomun Beyen, 24, of London, and Craig Calderwood, 26, of no fixed address, were handed down the charges of conspiring to rob and of possessing a handgun while committing a robbery. The pair will be held in custody until a hearing begins on September 1st. The third man, Clinton Mogg, 42, of Bournemouth, was only charged with conspiring to rob and will begin a hearing tomorrow at the Wimbledon courthouse.

A fourth man was arrested in London early in the investigation, but was subsequently released after questioning. Police have recovered a handgun that may be connected to the theft.

(Via Bloomberg)

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