Lazy Hacker Finds the Perfect Victim

Most hackers come up with devious and complex schemes to break into people’s computers and steal their personal information. They send out trojans designed to look like PDF files or games, or maybe they’ll just send a link to a website that installs malware just by opening the website. But in the case of a teenage girl from Niceville, FL, the hacker used a much simpler approach. This hacker gave a young girl directions over the phone of how she could help him hack into her computer.

As crazy as it sounds, according to the Niceville Police, a woman called in to report the hacking of her daughter’s computer. This “hacking” started with an unknown person calling the house, alerting the teen that her computer was being hacked. The unknown male then told her to enter some commands into her computer, to which she complied and did as she was told.

After the teen finished giving the hacker full access to her computer, the daughter told her mother about what happened and was told to turn off the computer. This was when the man called back and asked her why she turned the computer off.

After calling the police to report this “hacking” attempt the woman also said she would check with her telephone company and her Internet provider to try and obtain the man’s information for the investigation. Unfortunately for the girl, this “hacking” is pretty much equivalent to opening your safe or wallet for a stranger and handing over your personal belongings. In the future, it would be advisable to make sure you know and trust the person on the other end of the phone before blindly complying with their requests…duh.

(Via NWF Daily News)

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