Think You Have What it Takes to be a Hacker?

If you have some decent hacking skills then perhaps, Google is looking for you. No, not to interrogate you for past crimes, but rather to interview you for a a potential career.

What we’re talking about is Google’s Vulnerability Reward Program, a program that will offer people a reward for finding exploits or bugs in any of it’s top websites. If you can find a security flaw that puts highly sensitive user information, such as usernames, passwords, e-mails, etc, into jeopardy of being hacked then Google is willing to reward you.

To prevent you from wasting your time on something that won’t earn you a reward, Google specifically lists the types of bugs or exploits that it’s willing to pay for at Google Online Security.

Anyone that finds a decent flaw in Google’s websites will get a reward of about $500 and can earn up to $3,133.70 for a very serious security threat. So get to hacking, but to be sure to read Google’s description of what you should be hacking first.

(Via Google Online Security)

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